The oldest institution of higher learning in the country is

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The oldest institution of higher learning in the country is Harvard in Cambridge in Massachusetts, it was established in 1636 as Harvard college, Massachusetts was an English colony at the time, the school was named for a Purtian religions leader, John Harvard gave the college all his books and half his property when he died, at first, Harvard had one teacher and 9 students, today it has all most 20 thousand students, nearly 4000 of them this past year were from outside the united states.


上一句:The bureau of education convenes whole city middle and primary school sports recently in east mansion middle school educating a scene to show a communication meeting , propose that primary and secondary school students takes an hour exercise "every day, a happy life motion for lifetime " idea, request primary and secondary school students composes up from me, throw into time and fervency participating in physical training , melt really with the strong strong body body to enter the middle living to studying under reformation banner educating in new course.

下一句:Third, the use of body language to guide his Teachers teach body language that the language itself is silent, it can play just about right to supplement his teaching, collaboration, modification, enables teachers to look through a more accurate picture of performance, rich, easier for students to accept.

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